Each “barcoded” label printed by LABEL IT on behalf of our customers, will be validated and verified by a by validator.  In the event of any errors by LABEL IT (improper printing or inferior materials used) resulting in fines or penalties, LABEL IT will reimburse the amount of the fine as well as reprint and ship to designated location for rework at no extra cost for the reprints.

If you receive a “label -related chargeback”, we will investigate the matter thoroughly to determine the cause. In the event the chargeback is due to a problem with the label quality or the accuracy of our printed product, we will issue a direct reimbursement or apply a credit to your account at our discretion.

In the event that the printing error is due to misinformation submitted LABEL IT by the vendor, we will not be held accountable and the vendor will incur all costs related to fines and reprinting of labels.  Therefore, we ask that you PLEASE double check all data fields to ensure the correct information is being submitted.

Any changes to the original submitted order must be done in writing 24 hours prior to production.  The LABEL IT guarantee applies to all changes reviewed and approved by us.